Created in 2002 by the Fund’s Partners, a group of UK public sector research establishments led by STFC, BBSRC, NERC and Dstl, the Fund’s primary objective is to commercialise high quality science. We help establish technology companies that stem out of research by investing in the earliest and riskiest stages of businesses.

Since the Fund’s inception, it has made a significant contribution to the commercialisation objectives of its founding partners. The Fund is willing to take risks where there is a lot of uncertainty but also sufficient opportunity to create economic impact and/or public benefit, if successful.

Overall, the risks taken have resulted in a continuing economic value and impact along with wider benefits which can also be seen in some case studies.

Latest News

Rainbow Seed Fund’s £200m Investment in UK’s “Deep Science”

— Early-stage venture fund key in bridging gap between UK research and commercialisation —...

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CellCentric wins Innovate UK award to expand use of p300/CBP...

CellCentric is developing first in class drug compounds against a key regulator of cancer....

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